MMO of the Year 2013 Presented by GameGenetics

Welcome to the MMO of the Year 2013!

Browser, Download, Mobile - no matter what platform, the best online games are awarded the MMO of the Year 2013. With its 8th iteration the prize is regarded as one of the biggest honors in the booming genre.

"MMO" stands for massively multiplayer online. That means online games with thousands of simultaneous players in a single game world, some of them being played by millions of people.

Counting more than half a million visitors and fifty thousand validated votes, last year's contest has been the biggest one so far. This year's focus will be an increasing number of releases for mobile devices along with the emerging markets in Latin America. Therefore the MMO of the Year 2013 is made available in Portuguese and Spanish languages for the first time.

Key facts

  • One of the biggest honors for massively multiplayer online games - now being held for the 8th time.
  • 20+ categories across Browser, Download, iPhone and Android platforms - each being awarded once by jurors and and once by the audience.
  • 500.000 visitors and 50.000 votes in the audience awards in 2012 - with the addition of Latin America, this year's numbers are expected to be even bigger.
  • 100% free - We are dedicated to provide an absolutely fair competition. Therefore there are no fees for taking part in the contest.

Official timeline

until 01/15/2013 Nomination phase for jury awards
01/15/2013 Start of voting phases for jury and audience awards
02/15/2013 End of voting phases - Announcement of winners

Rules for audience awards

  1. You can vote for any game or company with regard to the specific category.
  2. You must use the MMO of the Year Website and the designated methods to vote.
  3. You may not "buy" votes or reward others in any way for voting.
  4. Violating these rules will result in your votes becoming invalid or even the disqualification of the title you were voting for.

Rules for jury awards

  1. Nominees are selected by mmofacts editors and media partners. Nominated games must have been first published within the preceding year and must be available to the public. Exceptions are made for special categories, e.g. for classic games or companies.
  2. Jurors are selected by mmofacts editors and media partners. Jurors can be professionals, journalists or players that have outstanding knowledge about the genre.
  3. Jurors vote in a maximum of 7 categories. These categories are selected randomly but with regard to an unbiased juror decision.
  4. Jurors may not "sell" their votes or try to manipulate the voting in any way. Should a juror not comply with this rule his vote will become invalid.

Suggest a nomination

When selecting the nominees for the jury awards we do our best to review all eligible titles. It is of course still possible that we miss something. To make sure a title gets reviewed you can suggest it via email.

Become a juror

Do you have an outstanding knowledge about the MMO market and are willing to spend a fair amount of time reviewing up to 7 categories? Well, we're always looking for jurors! Please send us a short application including some details on your experience.