MMO of the Year 2013 Presented by GameGenetics

Announcing a monthly prize for new MMO

Announcing a monthly prize for new MMO

Many players are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of massively-multiplayer online games that are entering the market every year. With our annual awards we're trying to guide you through this jungle and help you to find the MMO that suits you best.

Basically MMO of the Month is a public shortlist for MMO of the Year

But for some hardcore players a single game isn't enough. We're playing several MMO at a time ourselves, checking out all the new games as they are being released and quickly dropping titles that don't fully satisfy us. The best games we encounter end up on our shortlist and are eventually nominated for MMO of the Year. 

In our continuous effort to involve MMO enthusiasts we're going to make our shortlist public. Every month we will be awarding the single best new MMO: The MMO of the Month is going to be selected by the MMO of the Year team as well as our panel of judges. In contrast to our annual awards there will be no audience voting and no formal nomination phase. The judges will be selecting the winner directly from the list of new MMO provided by and your submissions.

The first MMO of the Month will be revealed in early October. 

Submitting a game

You're welcome to submit your personal favorite for evaluation. Just make it's a brand new title that has been released in 2013 (upcoming prizes will be restricted to titles no older than 3 months). 

Rules for MMO of the Month

  1. Judges are selected by the MMO of the Year team. Judges can be professionals, journalists or players that have outstanding knowledge about the genre. Judges may not be affiliated with the development or publishing of a game.
  2. Judges may vote for any game that has been newly released as long as it has not been awarded the MMO of the Month before. Newly released means made available to the public not more than 3 months ago. If the initial release was not longer than 12 months ago an exception can be made for games that have been launched stealthy.
  3. Judges may not "sell" their votes or try to manipulate the voting in any way. Should a judge violate this rule his vote will become invalid.


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