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Dragon's Prophet wins MMO of the Month, October 2013

Dragon's Prophet wins MMO of the Month, October 2013

Dragon's Prophet has been voted our first MMO of the Month. The game takes an interesting approach on the fantasy setting by letting you tame and ride your own dragons. With hundreds of different dragons available you get hooked easily on trying to catch them all. Honestly speaking, Dragon's Prophet feels unfinished in parts and may therefore frustrate beginners. Still our judges seem to believe in its potential.

Dragon's Prophet has been voted MMO of the Month, shortlisted for MMO of the Year 2014

Developed by Taiwanese Company Runewaker Entertainment Dragon's Prophet has been released in September 2013. It is being published by Sony Online Entertainment (North America), Infernum Productions (Europe) and Aeria Games (Japan).

See the game profile for details on Dragon's Prophet or check out the official website!

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