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World of Warplanes wins MMO of the Month, December 2013

World of Warplanes wins MMO of the Month, December 2013

A little over two years ago from Belarus revolutionized the Action MMO genre with World of Tanks. World of Warplanes, the second title in the franchise, has been released in November and is once again setting high standards. It can’t yet compete with its bigger brother - but with its well-balanced gameplay, over 100 airplanes and a handful of game modes it has more than enough to get you started.

World of Warplanes voted MMO of the Month, shortlisted for MMO of the Year 2014

As of today World of Warplanes has been released in CIS countries, Europe and North America. The game is available for Windows and relies on a free-to-play model for monetization and features a unified premium account system that allows you to share certain in-game currencies with World of Tanks.

See the game profile for details on World of Warplanes or check out the official website!

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