MMO of the Year 2013 Presented by GameGenetics

Voting for the best online game has started

Voting for the best online game has started

Together with main sponsor GameGenetics, the leading distributor of free-to-play online games, the online game magazine announced the beginning of the voting phase for the "MMO oft he Year 2013". Players and judges can start voting to determine the winner of this major award of the booming online gaming genre at The influence and reach of the award is outstanding, with hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the globe and tens of thousands of valid votes cast in the previous year.

With strong support from local partners this year the “MMO of the Year” is making its way to several new regions at once. “We’re really grateful to be able to provide this opportunity to players in Portugal, Spain, Latin America and especially Brazil to make their votes count and to have a fully localized experience. We’re thankful also for the great help of Portugal Telecom and UOL in supporting the award” says Julian Migura, Global Business Development Director at regional partner BoaCompra, Latin America’s leading gaming service and digital payment company.

The quality of the nominated browser, download and Mobile MMOs in over 20 categories is higher than ever. Jurors have to choose between the nominated titles, representing the best new releases from last year. On the other hand, players can freely choose any game in the public voting. There will be two awards for each category in the end, one from the jury and one from the audience.

Main sponsor GameGenetics is handing out a special prize for the top performing games. “The three titles gathering the most votes in the audience voting are each getting a marketing package of 333 user registrations for free. Delivering new users from relevant audiences is our way of contributing to their continuous growth” says Alexander Piutti, CEO and founder of the Berlin based video game distributor.

Players can vote at until the 15th of February 2013. The winners will be announced right after the voting phase.

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